Fairs & Exhibitions

    The Whole World is a Unified Market

    The marketplace is changing and changing fast. We understand the growing need for organizing fairs &exhibitions for buyers & sellers to come together.

    The world of business is optimizing through reducing distances and increasing speed. This scenario is further enhanced by fairs and exhibitions, cutting down on the time required to bring prospective buyers and sellers together. These events can be a logistics

    These events can be a logistics nightmare but not when we are around. We offer services starting from:

    • Pick up of goods for Fairs & Exhibitions.
    • Freight movement by Air and Sea.
    • Customs clearance of the shipments
    • Time sensitive delivery to the fair stands.
    • Short and long term storage of the fair material and exhibits.
    • Repack and re-export the shipment to the country of its origin
    • Or any other destination.

    We take into account all the statutory requirements to ensure a timely integrated logistics solution to the destination site. Our dedicated team for handling Exhibitions, Fairs, Shows, and Events related cargo, business operations, and strategic planning work around the clock if needed to complete the task within the time frame line.

    Additional services for exhibitors:

    • Pre documentation and coordination with the overseas agent for ATA CARNET.
    • Coordination with authorities for duty-free shipments.
    • Preparation, presentation, and processing of relevant import entry documents required by Indian customs.
    • Onsite supervision on request.